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Bucket list adventures




I took my first photograph when I was ten years old using my father's pre-war Kodak bellows camera. The subject was a church steeple in Alexandria, Ontario and it was the first time I ever heard the "sunny 16" rule. Back in the YMCA's malodorous darkroom I was amazed when a crisp black and white image appeared in the tray full of strange chemicals.


It was a magical moment, setting me on a lifelong quest to document the ever-changing world around me.


Now, having retired after many decades as a consulting engineer and entrepreneur, I spend most of my time travelling the world with my wife Jana Kristin and our cameras.


Driven by an attitude of curiosity and a passion for the camera's click, we particularly enjoy exploring strange places where the landscapes, languages and cultures are unlike home.


We are true Bucket List Adventurers.

Mike O'Connor
Bucket List Adventurer