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  As the weather warms and the ice disappears from the lakes and rivers, we begin to dream about another summer of new adventures on the water. I’m not usually nostalgic, but the dreaming made me think of last year and a series of events that were too embarrassing to record in our boating journal. […]

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  • Bert Wolf

    Mike and Jana: long ago, in our power boating days, we suffered a similar misfortune. We took our kids and a friend up the Ohio River (our usual haunt in our 21 ft Glastron) for a weekend on the Kentucky River, a new destination in a new boat, about 30 miles upriver from L’ville. Unexpectedly, the Ky River proved to be quite silty. The engine temperature went up quickly (no alarm) but we failed to notice. Smell of burning rubber got our attention, then the temp gauge. We had burned out the impeller, a new boating term for us. River Water was coming in thru the ruptured exhaust line into the bilge. So long beautiful weekend. Dick’s partner drove up and rescued us, leaving the Glastron at the shore with the bilge pump running. We returned that day with our trailer: battery on the boat was dead, bilge pump not running, poled the boat with great difficulty to a dock where we were finally able to load it onto the trailer and drive home, our tails between our legs.

    The dealership eventually had to replace the faulty cooling intake hose. Glastron admitted that several other owners had had similar problems. Of course, the impeller had to be replaced as well and we never went anywhere without a spare one after that. Thank goodness, Nikons don’t need impellers.ReplyCancel

    • Bert and Dick: Wow that sounds like an adventure of a lifetime too. Weird things often happen when you have guests on the boat;I never understood why they seldom wanted to come back for more “fun” once you get things going again.ReplyCancel

Today I turned 70 years old. That’s a big milestone. Okay it’s not a world record or anything, but it’s surely something to be celebrated, because not everybody makes it this far. Every milestone achieved represents another bullet dodged; it’s a feat to be welcomed, not regretted. If you’re really fortunate like me, it’s an […]

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  • Nancy Davidson

    Three score and ten works too Mike! – and it offers you ample opportuity to riff on that theme!! Glad you had a happy day!ReplyCancel

  • Rick Dalton

    Great story Mike! Many more Birthdays to come( metric or otherwise)ReplyCancel

  • George Brookman

    Ha, You’re ahead of me!! I squeaked into 69 the second week of December, but my enthusiasm was tempered when my son-in-law said ” Well, you’re now in your 70th year!” It’s a bit like a High School exam, you suddenly realize that you’ll have to cram if you want to get it all done . My daughter’s advice? “Always assume you have twenty more years to go!”ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith

    My gosh Mike, 70 doesn’t sound at all old, all relative isn’t it! Congrats, many more in the future.ReplyCancel

  • Donald Bruce Fenwick

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Only about 11 yrs old in basset hound or buldog age, so fine to act either like a kid or a senior (or just carry on as you)! I beat you by 2 1/2 months only, and George is hoping to catch us next year.ReplyCancel

  • Irene Wade

    Belated Happy birthday Mike! from Brian & Irene, from sunny Ixtapa, Mexico!ReplyCancel

As self-proclaimed Bucket List Adventurers (BLAs), Jana Kristin and I like to spend as much time as possible travelling to strange and exotic places for the purpose of photography.  Actually this is not exactly true…we’re always excited to travel, and we’ll shoot almost anything, whether it’s strange, exotic, or not.   We’re often asked to […]

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Hong Kong is a natural stopping off point for travellers flying from North America to Asia. Since most flights arrive in the evening, and many locals speak English, it’s a handy place to quickly get reoriented to a new time zone, confident that the sheets will be clean, the bathrooms will be disinfected, and the […]

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  • Del Simon

    Thanks for taking me along on your adventure; you made me laugh out loud, I look forward to the next chapter.ReplyCancel

  • John Barnhardt

    Nice visit. I had a great time there in late 70’s and ordered custom made cotton shirts and still have some! Mike-enjoy your travels. John BarnhardtReplyCancel

  • Ruth Smith

    I’ll travel with you and Jana any day, especially after you’ve discovered the nuances of being a tourist!!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy MacGregor

    Great post.ReplyCancel