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Today I turned 70 years old. That’s a big milestone. Okay it’s not a world record or anything, but it’s surely something to be celebrated, because not everybody makes it this far. Every milestone achieved represents another bullet dodged; it’s a feat to be welcomed, not regretted. If you’re really fortunate like me, it’s an […]

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  • Nancy Davidson

    Three score and ten works too Mike! – and it offers you ample opportuity to riff on that theme!! Glad you had a happy day!ReplyCancel

  • Rick Dalton

    Great story Mike! Many more Birthdays to come( metric or otherwise)ReplyCancel

  • George Brookman

    Ha, You’re ahead of me!! I squeaked into 69 the second week of December, but my enthusiasm was tempered when my son-in-law said ” Well, you’re now in your 70th year!” It’s a bit like a High School exam, you suddenly realize that you’ll have to cram if you want to get it all done . My daughter’s advice? “Always assume you have twenty more years to go!”ReplyCancel

  • Susan Smith

    My gosh Mike, 70 doesn’t sound at all old, all relative isn’t it! Congrats, many more in the future.ReplyCancel

  • Donald Bruce Fenwick

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Only about 11 yrs old in basset hound or buldog age, so fine to act either like a kid or a senior (or just carry on as you)! I beat you by 2 1/2 months only, and George is hoping to catch us next year.ReplyCancel

  • Irene Wade

    Belated Happy birthday Mike! from Brian & Irene, from sunny Ixtapa, Mexico!ReplyCancel